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How it all started

Remember that kid in your class who made you laugh and you'd say "wow you should be a comedian"? That's kind of my story, except it was more like "he's pretty funny, but damn does this guy ever shut up?"

As a kid I watched a lot of TV. I can't emphasize the A LOT enough, like a borderline unhealthy amount of TV. I often thought "I could do that voice" or "I think I could write that story better".

In High School I was on the Speech team and held office in "Illinois Youth and Government" which is a long way of saying I was a virgin. This virginity helped me become funnier (sadder?) and at 17 I knew I wanted to be a comedian. But I also liked school and was scared of the path to becoming a comedian so instead I just ignored this itch. 

A couple months before my 25th birthday, I was having an existential crisis. During this crisis, one of my good friends passed away. He was a magnetic personality and as we exchanged stories in the aftermath, it made me think "how do I want people to remember me?" It was pretty clear that I wanted people to remember me as the guy that made them laugh a ton. 

A few months later, I started doing Stand-Up at Grant and Green's Open Mic in San Francisco. It wasn't great, but I felt a rush that is only replicated when I'm on stage. 

So come catch me on stage, I would love to make you laugh



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